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Flexible application of portal frame shed in large-scale sports events

The construction and layout of venue facilities are crucial in the preparation and hosting of large-scale sports events. As an efficient, flexible, and multifunctional building structure, the gantry frame shed has been widely used in large-scale sports events in recent years. Its unique advantages provide strong guarantees for the successful hosting of events.

The structural characteristics of portal frame shed

The main structure of a portal frame shed consists of a series of portal steel frames, which are connected by nodes to form a stable and large-span spatial structure. This structural form not only has strong load-bearing capacity, but also has good seismic and wind resistance, which can meet the high safety requirements of large-scale sports events for venues. In addition, the gantry frame shed also has the characteristics of fast construction speed, convenient disassembly and reuse, making its application in sports events more flexible and versatile.

portal frame shed

Quick construction and dismantling

Large scale sports events usually require the construction and demolition of venues to be completed in a short period of time, in order to save costs and reduce the impact on the surrounding environment. The modular design of the portal frame shed enables it to be quickly constructed and dismantled, greatly shortening the construction period. For example, in large-scale comprehensive events such as the Olympics, the gantry frame shed is often used as a temporary stand, athlete rest area, event service area, etc., providing sufficient temporary space for the event.

Adapt to different venue requirements

The venues of large-scale sports events are often widely distributed and have different venue conditions. The portal frame shed, with its flexible adaptability, can easily cope with various complex environments. Whether it is a flat track or a rugged mountain track, the gantry frame shed can be customized according to actual needs to ensure the stability and safety of the venue.


The gantry frame shed can not only be used to build temporary stands and rest areas, but also to expand its functions according to the needs of the event. For example, in football matches, a portal frame shed can be set up as a temporary ticket office, media interview area, medical emergency station, etc; In track and field events, it can serve as a sunshade or canopy for the starting and ending areas. This versatility makes the gantry frame shed play an irreplaceable role in large-scale sports events.

Enhance the viewing experience

For the audience, the viewing experience is one of the important factors in evaluating the success or failure of the competition. The portal frame shed can provide a comfortable viewing environment for the audience through reasonable layout and design. For example, when building temporary stands, the gantry frame shed can adjust its height and angle according to the layout requirements of the audience, ensuring that the audience can watch the game clearly; At the same time, measures such as installing sunshade nets and ventilation equipment can effectively improve the comfort of spectators during the competition.

portal frame shed

Portal frame sheds are playing an increasingly important role in large-scale sports events due to their unique structural characteristics and flexible application methods. It not only provides sufficient temporary space for the event, but also makes positive contributions to the successful hosting of the event by improving the viewing experience and reducing construction costs. With the advancement of technology and the development of building technology, it is believed that the application of portal frame sheds in large-scale sports events will be more extensive and in-depth.

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